Friday, April 20, 2007

Ok, the winner is Schlussel

The category was who is the next Coulter or Malkin wannabe? She has the sputtering attacks, the vicious smears, and reprehensible lies all down. Debbie Schlussel has been hanging around the edges of the punditry world, firing off daily faxes to media platforms asking to be a guest on topics for over a year. Now that she has gone over the top in rabidness I bet she will get foundation sponsorship and a permanent gig somewhere. Oops, she already picked up Heritage sponsorship.

I should probably just create a mad dog tag for these links to rabid conservatives.

Debbie: "Media Matters bragged to the Wall Street Journal that it was responsible for taking down Don Imus. I suppose now that Don Imus is gone, they've assigned the vegan lesbian transsexual 'interspecies erotica' devotee they had monitoring the Imus show to monitor my site."

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