Friday, April 20, 2007

Glenn Greenwald on Gonzales testimony

Part 2.

For myself, I believe as a lawyer Gonzales pleases what he believes is his client - Bush. That should not be his true client. The real wrong doings are brushed over lightly in the hearing, except for the central fact that Gonzales is a serial liar who should not be in that position at all.

Jonathan Chait:
"As Atty. Gen. Alberto R. Gonzales takes to Capitol Hill to testify today, it's worth keeping in mind what this whole imbroglio is really about. It's not about whether Gonzales and his minions lied to Congress and the public. (They did, repeatedly.) It's not even about whether the Justice Department improperly fired federal prosecutors. (It did, of course.) It's about whether the Bush administration sought to subvert democracy by turning the federal judicial system into a weapon of the ruling party." -link from Salon.
Gonzales fell back on faulty memory, saying he could not recall or remember conversations or events of at most five months ago at least 64 times. Heckuva Job Gonzales, Bush pleased with performance.

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