Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The much exagerated death of Europe

Hang around much in rightie and hard-core Christian circles and one theme you hear repeatedly is that Europe will be dead in a generation, or at most two. Overwhelmed by Muslims, liberal nanny stateness and not enough babies. The thing is that has been said for over a hundred years.

The best counter-example is America. We have many more minorities and immigrants than nearly all European states. It has also been said repeatedly for over a hundred years that America would succumb to the black peril, the yellow peril, the Catholic peril, the barbaric Eastern Europeans, the Jews, and now the brown Latinos. These have all joined the great American melting pot.

The link is to a very Christian site and I do not agree with much of the essay except that "the Death of Europe" is very wrong headed thinking. I would add that it is also code words for America is the last stand of the White Race.

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rjnagle said...

hey, economically europe and especially eastern europe is going to be transformed by an aging population. in the country I know best (ukraine), demographic trends predict a continued loss in population over the next few decades.

Immigration is inevitable for both Europe and US. Stability and prosperity depends on the integration of immigrants with native populations. I'm not particularly pessimistic, but the gentrification will probably have more of an impact than the influx of immigrants.