Sunday, April 29, 2007

Texas and Florida's electoral influence to grow, thank Latinos

After 2010 it looks like Texas will pick up 3 seats and Florida two in the currently all important electoral college. By 2030 both will probably have gained eight or nine. All of this is due to Latinos and net immigration to my two home town states.

This is from a census presentation with a few additional sources called by the reporter. The Austin Statesman got essentially the same article being part of the Cox News Service. Politico produced a much more comprehensive article on the growing political influence on Latinos.

Hundreds of people marched in Houston Saturday urging Congress to not turn off the growth and deport illegals.
As police officers blocked traffic along the route from Immaculate Conception Church to Mason Park, the marchers blew whistles, banged on drums, and chanted through loudspeakers as they carried U.S. and Mexican flags, and a variety of banners, including one that said: "Amor sin la frontera: Love has no borders."

Wearing a bright green T-shirt and carrying an American flag, 5-year-old Grace Sanchez carried a hand-lettered sign, saying, "I am American. Please don't take my Daddy away."

As she strolled with her father, Hugo Sanchez, a construction worker, her mother, U.S. citizen Elizabeth Sanchez, said, "Not a day goes by that I don't live in fear they could take my soul mate, and my daughter's father, away."

As the crowd gathered in nearby Mason Park for a rally featuring several speakers, representatives of U.S. Border Watch stood across 75th Street and waved American flags, chanting back at the marchers.
Dos Centavos has a bit more. This was a prelude for larger immigration rallies across the country to occur Tuesday - May 1st. With a slogan of "We are all humans, no one is illegal" National Immigrant Solidarity Network is calling for people to support immigration reform and immigration and civil rights. A small Houston protest will be held at the Downtown Federal Building. The Rice Media Center is having a film that night about last year's events - Gigante: Despierta!

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