Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hate Speech Radio and Recalled Pet Food

It was the advertisers that brought down Imus. That and black and women journalists and workers at the networks saying I am really, really offended. Pretty much the the same thing happened with Rush Limbaugh and Mike Savage being kicked off of short lived TV jobs. It is the advertisers that are making making hate speech radio in California on KSFO sweat as Spock's Brain lets advertisers hear what they are supporting and they start taking their ads down.

Interesting that I had a conservative friend tell me she thought the station and Disney were right to fill a lawsuit to force Spocko to not use clips of their outrageous hate speech from the radio. I am pretty sure the use of short clips of broadcast material to illustrate a point is the very definition of the "fair use" doctrine. My conservative librarian friend calls it harassment and violation of copyright. (She should get a law degree and try for a much, much better paying job as a corporate lawyer.)

Spocko and other have now teamed up now to provide a master list of all recalled Pet Food as the FDA and the media and the companies had not done that when I went looking. Update - the FDA now has an Excel file. They had many scattered lists of various companies. The FDA new list is not as usable as the bloggers as it contains over 5500 rows. The injured and dead pets are now apparently in the tens of thousands, over 4,000 reported, something that corporate media is down playing as getting straight answers is an exercise in futility.

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