Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Now McCloskey leaves Republican Party

At one time Republicans stood for pro-business wealthy anti-government compassionate conservatism.
McCloskey says he is disgusted with the "succession of ethical scandals, congressmen taking bribes and abuse of power by both the Republican House leadership and the highest appointees of the White House."

"A pox on (Republicans) and their values," he wrote.
I have been admiring these party switchers for a long time. I still subscribe to Charles Aulds's mail list but don't read it often. He was an Alabama Republican who switched and tried to keep both right and left informed about what was going on in the new GOP and spread the real news our media was distorting. After the 2004 election results he found a new job and moved his family to Canada, unwilling to stay in an America that would return Bush and the current GOP to power.

Charles and the late Molly Ivins were right just before the invasion that those WMD's that the administration and the American media insisted that Saddam had had better be there or there would be Hell to pay. (At that time Charles and Molly weren't sure, I was sure they weren't there except for possibly limited chemical weapons like we had.)

Charles still closely follows American politics and seven days ago noted that the Washington Post revised a Reuters posting. They had to scrub mentioning that Iraq insurgents were manufacturing the IED weapons the administration is insisting Iran is supplying. The co-head of the "so-called liberal media" doing another blatent propaganda rewrite. That rewrite is something a good people's ombudsman would cover. I am still waiting for the WP to get one.

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