Friday, July 20, 2007

The College Republican Party - School For Scoundrels

Digby goes down memory lane to revisit how the gang of five created the modern corrupt Republican Party and their link to both the college Republicans and Nixon. Goldwater did not create the power players in Washington today, Nixon did. Digby:
Much of this information can be found in Nina Easton's fine book "The Gang of Five" which you should read if you are interested in learning about the relationship between the players in this DeLay/Abramoff scandal. She thought in 2000 that these guys had already overreached, but clearly she was ahead of herself. And it should be noted that even if all three go down, the momentum of the conservative movement will only slow, not reverse itself. Barring a very serious crisis, it's going to take a long time and a gargantuan effort to turn that ship around, if we can do it at all.

But if these guys are irreparably discredited as a result of their own arrogance and avarice, it will be the final nail, I believe, in the Nixon legacy. These are his political heirs, raised and nurtured on the mother's milk of corruption and dishonesty, scarred while very young by the ignominious downfall of their political father; driven to wreak revenge and recapture what they perceived as their rightful ownership of American politics. They are the spawn of Watergate resentment and this country will never be healthy until this group of radicals are removed from positions of power.
And I didn't even talk about Nixon's own proteges Cheney and Rove.

There is something about the conservative movement that appeals to a particular kind of arrogant, aggressive nasty jerk. And a good number of them join the college Republicans where they are trained to become the Karl Roves and Grover Norquists of tomorrow. That is where they pass down the beloved GOP rituals of smears, character assassination and personal destruction. It's a kind of finishing school for dorky political sociopaths.
Video - Generation Chickenhawk.

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