Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Orleans madam: La. senator a client UPDATE

Update - Why do rumors continue to swirl around of Vitter and diapers? Oh, Oh. Also more mistresses and illegitimate children are about to pop out of the woodpile. Keep up here.

Louisiana's Republican Senator David Vitter, despite warnings from his wife that she would cut off a piece of his anatomy if he ever strayed, has been outed as a regular patron of a New Orleans brothel. This follows revelations he was a client of an accused DC madam. As a Republican he was staunch critic of President Clinton and thought he should resign over his affair with Monica Lewinsky. He has also spoken many times of the sanctity of marriage, although usually in support of not letting gays get it as he believes "there is no issue more important than preserving the holy sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman."

Mrs. Bush believed Vitter had "the values we need in the United States Senate." I suppose elect more hypocrites is the GOP rallying cry.

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