Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The TYC Scandal was just the beginning

Underfunding the social services in Texas appears to have led to widespread abuse.

Texas Mental Patients Abused, Neglected

The governor's office is telling the press "don't sensationalize it." Of course his spokemen say that, it happened with Perry in charge. How do you not sensationalize people being left naked in a trash bin and sexual misconduct and elderly and handicap abuses?

This is happening under GOP state control and Perry's watch as budgets were slashed and the wrong people placed in charge.

Off the Kuff: The next TYC scandal is a good starting report of the abuses that are beginning to get media coverage.

As I have said before, you don't get good government from people who hate government. Now the Dallas Morning News and the Houston Chronicle may wake up to that inconvenient fact.

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