Friday, July 20, 2007

Four Years Ago and Now

Four years ago I was getting very involved in the Dean campaign with Janette.

Janette was just talking about today that the Edward's campaign is nowhere near as organized as Dean's was then. I said I remembered all the excitement that I know no campaign has now, with the possible exception of Obama's. Just over four years ago we showed up at a meeting and there were about 60 people there and then and there I decided to pass out literature at a 4th of July celebration in Pasadena and Janette showed up to help. I had a long post about the campaign and working the festival.

Reviewing my telling the reasons why Democrats should consider Dean as the best candidate, the reasons apply to Obama today, money and the most local volunteers. Something to think about. (ADDED - Annie's list sent me this post about the Washington Post noting the similarities between Dean's and Obama's campaign.)

To bring excitement to the Democratic presidential race it might take Al Gore.

Edwards is out there and saying the right things but Frank-Ruta at The American Prospect has an article with anecdotes that people don't believe him and think he is a typical politician.

Matt Stoller at MyDD disagrees in an earlier article that makes the case for Edward's inspiring a reborn Progressive Democratic Party. But Oliver Willis thinks Edward's anti-poverty message is clunky and a loser. Esquire magazine, which places Edwards on the cover, also places this question: "Can a white man still be elected president? If so, John Edwards will have to battle image, cancer & the forces of history."

Finally, Greenberg observes whoever is the nominee will need to make a bold JFK-like move for us to begin to recover from Bush's legacy. Edwards uses his JFK-like image, can he inspire the country like him?

If Democrats are not as inspired as four years ago Republican are downright depressed and county GOP heads notice.

This essay followed from reviewing some of my history of blogging here.

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