Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hate Sites - Michelle Malkin and Bill O'Reilly

I have repeatedly noticed that what drives conservatives into attack mode is stuff they are doing but don't want anyone to know. This can be sexual perversions, as those who serve on Presidential Commissions against pornography tut-tuting, that pornography is evil and abusive while being a secret serial child molester, or holier than thous on the sanctity of marriage being serial adulterers, or minister crusaders against legalizing homosexuality because then everyone will do it because of its strong appeal. It can be those claiming Democratic minorities produce a mass of voting irregularities and should be double checked or even re-institute a poll tax when the biggest scandals have been mass GOP fake voters and voter suppression drives paid for by the RNC.

The latest attacks are coming from well known figures claiming the Democratic blogs are a bunch of hate sites.

Bill O'Reilly's site has now been found to be full of hate speech as he mounts his latest crusade against hate speech and swearing on liberal blogs. He is quickly revoking memberships in his website but too late, not only was it filled with hate speech it had illegal threats against Democratic candidates. Way to go O'Liely.

One of the most dishonest tactics by the right is to take a few extreme comments from people not connected to the site but posting there and possibly even after they are taking down use those comments to characterize the site as hate speech. Michelle Malkin along with Bill has made what little career she has by doing that. So take a look at what Glenn Greenwald finds on her site.

It is a federal crime to threaten the person of the President of the United States. It is a federal crime to engage in a conspiracy to threaten or assassinate the President. It is a federal crime to advocate 'civil war' or other violent domestic acts. I would suggest the Secret Service and the FBI take a look at the Free Republic and Men with Small Green Balls as I think many of their comments cross a pretty clear well-marked line. Here's a fairly common example from Free Republic that doesn't, just their typical hate speech. There are others in that thread.
Luv your comment about Marc Rich’s wife. She’s a looker, even if she was his bagwoman to Clinton. Bet Clinton didn’t put any bag over her head.

Hillary doesn’t know d*ck about what went on between the two. Maybe she should call Monica for info.

Talking about bags, someone should put one over Hillary just to shut out the sound of her shrill, psychotic voice. The woman lies like a worn rug or a bad toupee.

She gives Squeeky Fromm a good name (there isn’t too much difference between physical assassination and personal reputation assassination).

By the way, have you heard the two theme songs of Hillary’s presidential campaign?

“Liar, Liar” and
“I Am Woman, Hear Me Bore”
And conservatives claim that it is the Left sites that are full of hate speech. Why, left bloggers are even praying for O'Reilly.

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