Saturday, July 14, 2007

NOLA Prostitute describes Vitter affair

More confusion, but two people claim to have seen photos of them together.

GOP stands by their man.

Calls for resignation: .... As Vitter wrote with regard to Clinton's immoral behavior, ". . . some meaningful action must be taken against the president. If none is, his leadership will only further drain any sense of values left to our political culture."

VITTER AND KATRINA: Vitter, a native of New Orleans, grossly misrepresented the seriousness of the flood disaster in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Vitter quote: “In the huge majority of areas, it [the water] is not rising at all. […] I don’t want to alarm everybody that, you know, New Orleans is filling up like a bowl. That’s just not happening.”

Our verdict, typical Big Easy politician, they all wear diapers or should and cheat on their wives.

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