Saturday, November 17, 2007

Banning speech

I see Texas Rainmaker has banned me from commenting for disagreeing with him months ago. His latest message for his minions is to suggest they harass a San Francisco columnist for labeling the world's anxious period waiting for the end of Bush's term the Bush Death Watch.

OMG he girly shrieks! It is more liberal assassination fantasies!

My comment for him -

1. It is the "deeply satiric" Mark Morford - the Ann Coulter of the Left. Is he now suggesting we take Ann seriously for her death, destruction, bigoted, ignorant, biased smears and assassination remarks?

2. No where in the column does Mark call for the death of Bush. Getting the facts wrong has never stopped Jason Smith before, why should now be any different.

3. He encourages people to email Mark Morford and issue death threats reprimands to him. This is a common tactic of the false macho men, flood the mailboxes of people you disagree with.

If I wanted to I could urge people to contact conservative Houston lawyer Jason Smith and express their views but I find these people never listen.

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