Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The JFK Assassination Conspiracy Today

Playboy is running a well-researched long article on what many newly released government files show. Playboy - the man who didn't talk.

Briefly - was there a cover-up? Yes. Was the CIA involved? Yes. Was the Mafia involved? Yes. Who all did it? Ask the people who covered up the investigation.

Gerald Ford, a member of the Warren Commission who recently died, also has a new book coming out which says the CIA covered up what they knew. He himself participated in the cover-up while on the Warren Commission.

We have the recent deathbed confessions of E. Howard Hunt who says the CIA tried to get him involved in the assassination plot.

We have the last ditch effort by a debunker trying to put all the objections to the conspiracy in one book.

The last time there was so much interest conservatives launched a major book whose chief premise was that Oswald was a murderous psychopath since he was five. The author's major interviews and sources seemed to be with those likely involved in the cover-up.

Bonus - The top myths of the JFK assassination conspiracy debunkers.

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