Sunday, November 18, 2007

How big of idiots are Republican bloggers?

Pretty damn big ones.

There is a chorus on the right that are shocked, shocked! that Democratic activists are the undecided primary voters at a Democratic primary debate.

Of course, Michelle Malkin's Hot Air, although not Michelle herself, started this latest non-scandal. That really, really seems Hot Air's and Malkin's specialty - idiotic non-scandals raised to senseless smears.

The Democratic Party headquarters were given half the tickets to give out. Most of the others went to faculty and family members who wanted them at UNLV. Who do you think wanted to go to the debate? Somehow this is beyond the comprehension of the feeble-minded. After noting the audience makeup Reichstag's Riehll still doesn't get it: Did CNN plant the audience?

Rightwingnut bloggers must get their brains from the same pea pile they get their gonads.


directorblue said...

Thanks for the link, such as it is. But the reason the Obama and DU folks are swarming around my site, hopping mad (and not just the wingnuts) is this:

I guess in a city of almost 2 million, CNN couldn't find just one stay-at-home minivan mom, a cocktail waitress, an insurance salesman, a plumber, a bank manager, or even a librarian in the audience to ask their scripted questions.

What a sham. This was nothing more than an over-produced infomercial. No genuine exchange of political ideas.

And I wonder why CNN appears to have purged its transcript of any mention of LaShannon Spencer?

Gary said...

Again, see my earlier rant.

This was a Democratic primary debate. Independent voters for this type of debate are not random people off the street but Democratic primary voters.

[Knock on head to see if it hollow.] Hello, anything in there?