Friday, November 30, 2007

Mandates and Mudslinging - Krugman

Is Obama becoming the real Republican-lite? Krugman and I can't help but notice that Obama defends his more conservative policy proposals on healthcare and Social Security by using Republican talking points to attack Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

Obama's message seems increasingly muddled and designed to gain supporters from the Right, in a primary where more Democrats are probably available to the Left on these basic issues.

On Social Security there are only minor problems and Republican and Republican-lite "cures" are much worse than doing nothing. On universal healthcare making it non-universal negates many of the advantages of universal healthcare for no new benefits.

Is he confusing rhetoric and positioning that might work in the general election at the wrong point in his campaign? Is Obama's showing yet another instance where he is not quite ready to run for President - this time?

Read Krugman to see where Obama is wrong on healthcare and why Democrats should cease cutting him slack. Some further analysis of why Obama is doing this in The Nation - politics and positioning played badly.

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