Saturday, November 24, 2007

Don Harrison Ejected from Council Meeting

Things had been quiet on the Pasadena mayor's race front until the last city council meeting. Another council member used his moment to speak to criticize Don Harrison's parting shot at Johnny Isbell at the candidate's forum. (In what had been a mostly civil debate with just a few barbs Harrison used his position as the last one to speak to read from his political attack ad on Johnny Isbell's tax record as mayor.) At the council meeting Harrison spoke up grumbling about bringing that up. Mayor Douglas silenced him noting the rules do not allow interruptions of council members. The other council member continued by bringing up former Mayor John Ray Harrison's record of tax increases. Don Harrison spoke up saying he would not be silent about lies about his brother. Mayor Douglas had Councilman Harrison escorted from the city council meeting.

When I was told that a council member had been kicked off of a city council meeting I immediately asked "What did Don Harrison do now?" Funny, I am not the only one who said that. This Tuesday's meeting could be interesting. Early voting is underway now at City Hall for the special election.

More on the candidates and the election on the Pasadena city site.

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