Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Conservatives - bad taste in TV too

It turns out there really are three kinds of Americans, Red, Blue and Purple and their entertainment choices are as different as their political choices.

Conservatives love Fox News, hate NBC and MTV. Surprisingly they also like the anti-authoritarian Fox network as well. Only two music genres get more conservative support than average - country and gospel. They hate the arts.

Liberals like to watch the news, even those with opinions they disagree with. They also like comedies. Liberals are most likely to like nearly all music. Most likely to hate reality shows.

The more you study this cluster analysis, the more you realize conservatives don't have broad tastes and generally wouldn't make good friends to hang out with if you are a liberal.
The typology revealed three significant clusters of respondents: "conservatives," as we decided to call them, make up 37% of the national sample, while "liberals" comprise 39% and "moderates" 24%. The same respondents were asked about their entertainment preferences, including their consumption of the most highly-rated TV shows and networks; popular movies, sports, music, books, art and theater. We discovered that just as there are conservatives, liberals and moderates, there are people with red, blue and purple taste.

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