Thursday, November 08, 2007

Prediction: Going to Hell in a Handbasket

Very Bad News on Economy, Stocks, and War

Only investment opportunity appears to be Gold. General Motors admitted yesterday behind financial talk that it strongly doubts it will make money for years. Stock market down 3% with worse to come. Dollar is rapidly collapsing. Our government economic statistics are lies.

More bad news - Bush and Cheney now have a slim majority of Americans supporting an attack on Iran, after an attack there will be more support, for a short while. The GOP field, except for Ron Paul, supports this. Hillary isn't strongly opposed. Cautious Democrats in Congress will not stand up against this disaster.

The Senate looks likely to endorse as our highest law enforcement officer someone who believes the president is above the law and doesn't think partial drowning is torture. Two Democrats, Senators Schumer and Feinstein, have enabled this.

Any good news? More Americans "strongly disapprove" of Bush than any president in history, except Democrats and Republicans and the media don't acknowledge this simple fact, yet. Huge majority of Americans want us out of Iraq NOW. And gays get historic House support.

This will be a bad week, a very bad month, most of next year will not be good. I am just a fountain of optimism today, aren't I?

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