Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bob Perry's Million Dollar Donation to Rick Perry may be Illegal

Remember the governor's race when Rick Perry was complaining about Chris Bell accepting a million dollar donation from an individual? Well, it turns out Guv Goodhair did it too. Except that Perry tried to disguise it by having Bob Perry of Perry Homes route it through the Republican Governor's Association.

This is the same thing they caught Tom DeLay on. Texas law is very strict on registering as a PAC and not accepting corporate contributions and commingling of moneys. The Republican Governor's Association is not registered as a PAC in Texas. It appears to have placed the million dollars it held briefly for Bob Perry in a general account which could include corporate dollars. You can't tell if the million dollars they sent the governor is the same million they received from Bob Perry and the RGA would be guilty of a Texas campaign finance crime either way.

What does this mean? If found guilty double fines of the amount of the donation from both the RGA and Bob Perry. Four million dollars to delay exposing yourself as a hypocrite, way to go Goodhair.

There is more at the Houston Chron and the Austin Statesman.

Thanks Kuff and others for catching this and a special thanks to Chris Bell.

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