Saturday, November 24, 2007

The GOP side of the Lampson race

I have been watching the GOP bloggers on the Lampson Texas CD-22 race. One of the most interesting is CD22Watcher.

Supposedly, CDWatcher is written by three young men but Susan found a revealing blog posting mistake.

A CD22Watcher post was accidentally posted on the wrong blog with a name of yet another blog of a Ft. Bend County Republican politician. Who would sign up the name of a blog as a poster's name and then eliminate three blogs to cover up the mistake?

Liz Mitton's former site Save Our Schools used to tell everyone what was going in Fort Bend Independent School District. Both of Liz's sites disappeared very shortly after the mistaken post that was also erased along with the original CD22Watch blog.

Reading CD22Watcher it is pretty transparent that someone working for the former Sugar Land Mayor Dean Hrbacek campaign for district 22 is shooting smears at Lampson and denigrating other GOP candidates chances. Who but a GOP activist would claim Lampson is liberal?

After a nasty slur based on former Pasadena's Manlove's name, Mayor Manboylove - which they attribute to Democrats when it is a GOP smear and activity, they proceed to ignore him saying he has no chance. Too bad they don't know where to look to see Manlove's war chest. They might also learn the old saying don't get in a fight against someone who buys ink by the truckload.

There is so much bias and lack of knowledge in CDWatcher's posts I can't take any observations seriously. The frat boy style of the blog also causes me to suspect it is written by a relative or two of Liz Melton's and not herself, or is she that juvenile?

Thanks to Susan DuQuesnay Bankston.


Hal said...

Having dealt with Liz Mitton, and actually meeting her once (unbeknownst to Liz), my answer is yes, she is that juvenile.

Anonymous said...

I think Susan is on to something. Shortly after she outed Liz Mitton's involvement with CD22 Watcher, they started claiming the site was run by three guys. This was followed by the following inquiry on Susan's site:

November 16 - I'm looking for information on Scott Broschart, Drew Lawson, and Michael Miller. It seems they may have an unnatural interest in a local GOP Congressional candidate. Just email me if you know something I need to know.
I already have their Facebook pages so don't send me those.

Here is the link:

I can't wait for Susan to get back in town so we can learn what she has uncovered.