Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Late Term Abortions

This was relayed by a friend online:

If you seriously believe that women are so lazy and stupid as a group that a majority of late-term abortions are done not out of medical necessity but because women just routinely and casually decide they don't want to carry a healthy fetus anymore in the eighth month ... if you honestly believe that a woman should be forced to carry a dead fetus until her body decides to get rid of it, if it doesn't give her an infection and kill her off too ... if you can stand there and tell me with a straight expression that every birth defect and flaw can be caught before the fetus becomes theoretically viable outside of the womb and women just wait to get rid of those fetuses out of laziness ... if you actually think a woman should have to carry a fetus without a face or a #$**ing brain for weeks if not months knowing full well it'll die immediately after birth ...

Get off my friendslist.

No, seriously, get the #$@$ away from me.

And I hope you never have to learn why the right to a late-term abortion is so goddamn important.