Thursday, September 27, 2012

Without Paul Ryan Medicare ax, GOP budget still in red

Without Paul Ryan Medicare ax, GOP budget still in red - David Rogers This confirms my prior post about the Ryan plan but adds one detail: compared to his first plan he cut thousands more from senior's Medicare vouchers/rebates to cut taxes further for millionaires. 

The other statesments I made about the Romney-Ryan plan below still apply.  It has trillions in unsupported assumptions about economic growth, the magic "fairy dust" sprinkled in heaps; asserts Republicans will raise taxes in unspecified eliminations of popular deductions; asserts they will also make further drastic cuts in popular programs in addition to the steep cuts already in the proposal; and still runs deficits until 2040.  It has been revised by Romney on the campaign trail to not cut $700 billion from Medicare in the early years -- which means the balanced budget by 2040 no longer applies.

The conclusion I reached in my prior post applies even more - the entire buget proposal is massive cuts for millionair's taxes and hang everything else which is just busy work to call it a budget.  "The real Romney-Ryan tax and budget plan is simple - reduce Romney's taxes and hang everything else. That is the plan, all the other words and goals and statements about the deficit and everything else don't matter - the plan is to cut taxes for the 1%."