Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NPR - Nice Polite Republicans

One more time:

Marketplace is only the most pro mega-business of the National Public Radio shows. Nearly all of their shows have a conservative bias. Repeated surveys through the years show that for guests, commentators and voices heard conservatives outnumber progressives almost two to one on NPR. Here is the FAIR study. Republicans outnumber Democrats on NPR no matter who controls Congress and who controls the presidency. Because NPR speaks for the educated class and is not socially conservative they have a reputation of being liberal. They are not, they are the educated Republicans.

NPR is really an acronym for Nice Polite Republicans.

What brought this on is that a new major sponsor of Marketplace is Monsanto - the poison, chemicals and GMO food king.

I am also ticked that during local NPR's recent fund drive they bragged repeatedly about getting BBC world news during the day and several times they stated it was the only place to listen to the BBC in Houston. WRONG - Pacifica KPFT 90.1 has had the BBC News program, which actually is not liberal, on the Houston airwaves for many years.

I also hate that more and more the PBS and NPR sponsorships are really just more dignified advertisements and there are more of them.