Friday, March 09, 2012

A New Democrat Cheers Me Up

I was feeling depressed by a friend of a friend writing that he thought it was "scary Fascism" the criticism Rush Limbaugh was getting and all the sponsors dropping his show over his hours of insults to a young women who testified why contraception is a health issue that should be covered by insurance. I looked up where the friend of a friend was coming from and as far as I could tell he was only getting information from a far right collection of media sites, both written and broadcast. Then I have someone else who says he has an open mind but apparently relaxes by listening to crazy right-wing media clowns. But then I read something on my friends Facebook page that made me happier.

To my first mentor,

I've finally done it. I just wanted you to know that. After a decade since first meeting you and having my eyes opened to the world, I finally caved in.

Today, the 9th of March, 2012, I donated money to the Democratic Party. I'm part of the family now. It's Facebook official.

Just thought you ought to know.


Really it wasn't that hard to make the switch. I've been irritated with the Republican Party for quite some time. They touted conservatism and freedom and liberty, all the while serving as this unholy alliance between big businesses who pay zero dollars in taxes and evangelical diehards who want to institute private ideology into public policy.

The tipping point however, came from Rush Limbaugh and his 60+ comments about the "slutty" young woman who bravely stood in front of the national headlights.

When the Republicans only lukewarmly moved away from the radio host, I was appalled. No one should treat another American citizen like that. And especially not when they made it abundantly clear that they didn't bother to read her testimony or base their arguments in facts.

The glaring truth stood there. The more I read, the more I disagree with them on almost every issue. Not only this, but they as a group wish to destroy all my rights and privileges, all under a guise of freedom. It's disgusting. That sir, was the tipping point.

Congratulations for opening your eyes, new Democrat. Maybe there is hope yet.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Stocks better than Social Security? Think Again.

What if you could have followed the GOP advice and pulled all of your Social Security money into the stock market in 2000. How much money, in both nominal and real terms would you have now?

At the end of Bush's eight disastrous years you would have lost half of your money, more if inflation adjusted.

Since Obama's policies went into effect you would have doubled your money since that low point.

Republicans, bad for the stock market, bad advice, bad for everyone.

From Three U.S. Indexes Since 2000.