Sunday, November 10, 2013

Read and Watch The Supporters

To Dan Rather:

I had always wanted to thank Dan Rather for convincing me not only did Oswald not act alone but there was a conspiracy to convince us he did decades ago. 

This was on his news special after doubts were becoming widespread. His debunking included a recreation of the shooting. The expert marksman with a good rifle and a proper scope was able to hit the target in the time given. 
But Oswald was a terrible shot, had a crap rifle, had a misaligned scope, two shots were too close together, and the marksman was only able to hit the broadside of the target, not the silhouette of the man on the target. But Dan Rather told us this should convince us Oswald could had done it "because he was shooting at the President." WTF!?

Following this I always made it a practice to read or watch supporters of the establishment against a controversial theory to see what BS they were pushing to convince the people. Gerald Posner's Case Closed book on the JFK assassination is even more convincing in leading a skeptical reader to the opposite conclusion of what he tries so desperately to draw.
Thank you, Dan Rather for making me never look at what the news media was trying to sell me in the same way again. Unlike with Possner, who I found had close ties to conservatives in the intelligence community, I always felt that you were just doing your job and sometimes just following orders. Later they kicked you out when you did not follow orders.

Gerald Posner, failed but very well-paid JFK conspiracy debunker, was later exposed as a serial plagiarist and he lost his journalism job.  His ties to the conservative intelligence community got him another job at what he does best.  He is running PR for crooked Afghanistan President Karzai’s family.