Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rants on Facebook - 1

John N Smith

 -1 This was not a private conversation but on a tour bus with others and it was recorded because both men were wearing mikes because there was a possibility that part of any conversation might be used on the show.

2 Even Howard Stern says he has never heard anyone say he likes to grab women by the pussy, especially because he feels he can because he is a star.

3. The witness on the plane flight is a known serial liar and it is doubtful he would have been flying 1st class on a domestic American flight as a British 19-year-old student at the time. He has also claimed to be a pimp for underage boys to British politicians, among other things.

4. Trump claimed a reporter was lying about her being assaulted and propositioned. Immediately 6 other people said they were there or were told about Trump's actions. Since there are over ten other women coming forward and many women who aren't, it is a he said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, etc. situation.

5. "Men should not be ashamed to be men or be apologetic for being a man." And you are not a man but a dick, much weaker than a pussy.

6. A long yahoo news investigation of Clinton's actions as Secretary of State found no evidence of any special favors, all of the meetings with donors would have been held anyway.

7. The Hillary Foundation, unlike Trump's, has been audited and releases public annual reports and does millions of dollars in good works. Trump has not donated any money to his foundation in over ten years and the main expenditures recently seem to have been buying portraits of Trump and paying off legal suits against Trump with other people's donations.

8 There is no public record of Hillary covering up her husband's "rapes and molestations."  I doubt if you know what a public record is.

9. Trump is the one who actually wrote an editorial in 2013 saying that closed borders were the past, we needed open borders now.

10. Trump is the one who doesn't know the constitution and is a threat to the Bill of Rights.

11. Immigrants to the United States, illegal or legal, commit much less crime per person than people born here.

12. "Diseases once eradicated will kill tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands." You are a paranoid sicko so naturally you think people from foreign countries carry diseases. Are you trying to preserve your "Purity of Essence"?