Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm surprised KTRH doesn't have Imus on

He has been an old shock jock racist for a long time, he just gets a lot of media and political guests. No More Mr. Nice Blog highlights an Imus routine about the "Black Beatles" which includes:
TYRONE McCARTNEY: Beat the Meatles. We wanted y'all to get it 'cause it's got some of our famous #1 hits, like this one: (singing) "When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary come to me and speak those woids of wisdom, 'What it be.'"

And how 'bout this one? (singing) "I shoulda known better with a bitch like you." "Jo Jo was a man who only had three inches, but he knew it wouldn't last, Jo Jo never had much luck with all the bitches, but I said, 'Hey, Jo, get black. Get black, get black, get black and watch your johnson grow.'" "Lucy in the sky with a lot of jewelry on." "Strawberry-flavored malt liquor." "Here come my son, he play football. Here come my son, and I say, 'He bad.'" "I'm back on the old FDR." "Yesterday, my parole came through just yesterday." "Hey dude, lend me a dollar." "I can play center, I can play forward, I be six foot four."

And, of course, my personal favorite: (singing) "We all live in a yellow Coupe de Ville, a yellow Coupe de Ville, a yellow Coupe de Ville. And my friends is all aboard, many more of them is in the trunk, vinyl tires with wire wheels, in my yellow Coupe de Ville."....

In comments, PlusDistance makes an excellent suggestion:

Could we just ask McCain and all the other politicians who go on his show if they'd like to do a few bars of "Jo Jo was a man who only had three inches"? We could give them the lyrics for it, so they get it right.

I mean, politicians go on Letterman and do top tens, don't they? If Imus is such a great, funny guy, they have nothing to be ashamed about, right?
Speaking of KTRH, the Ed Schultz show, # 1 and rapidly rising in liberal talk radio, didn't fit in with KTRH's march to the right and has been replaced with, I kid you not, Dennis Miller. I thought Dennis curled up and died somewhere under the weight of pretentious ponderous pontificating in the pluperfect tense after his show almost drove CNBC under.

'Michelle Malkin,' soon to be an generic insult replacing 'ignorant female,' doesn't know that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have protested rap music lyrics for years in her defense of Imus.

Just because he ticked me off with lying with graphs and amazingly stupid blog posts I think I will call the Gateway Pundit an "absolute moron." I am only echoing KTRH's Chric Baker's term for people who would vote for a Democratic presidential candidate or "support them in any way." Since I know now that "absolute moron" is acceptable under right wing media civil discourse rules I might start using that term more often. Gateway Pundit compares all military deaths from all causes during the 8 Clinton years to 4 years of combat deaths under Bush, notice the differences in measurement, and shouts Hurrah! He neglects to look that the annual military death rate was 5% under Clinton and should be at 12% this year under Bush, unless Bush-Cheney get their Iran war. Other items where Gateway Pundit demonstrates a lack of knowledge includes not knowing that Broder is an old faux liberal and Imus is an independent conservative who was a very strong Bush supporter until recently. BTW, an old standard military doctrine holds that an aggressive war with the percentage of combat casualties that America in Iraq is experiencing is unsustainable and lost.

Politics lately is reminding me of a reading by Jerry Stiller of John Sayles's "At the Anarchists Convention" on Symphony Space's Selected Shorts I. This was part of Public Radio Selected Shorts story collection. Other versions of that are available both audio and written.

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