Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Truthdig - Alternative Media News

Interview - Why Kucinich Voted Against the Pelosi Withdrawal Troop Funding Bill.

Scott Ritter and Robert Scheer - the failure of American Democracy and Mass Media on Iraq and Iran.

Iraqis object to McCain Photo-Op in Baghdad Market.

Human Heart Valve Grown From Stem Cells. I wonder in addition to not getting flu shots should creationists be banned from the newest heart procedures to avoid going against their beliefs?

Scott Ritter: Calling Out Idiot Americans. Most know nothing of Iraq and that ignorance is killing Americans.

The New Conservative Talking Points on Global Warming. Corporation and their think tanks have been fighting a delaying action on global warming for years. Here are their new positions in a propaganda video.

Closing Time for America's Torture Island. These appear to be the last days of Gitmo Prison.

Truthdig goes beneath the news and seems to get what becomes the conventional wisdom months in advance.

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