Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fred Thompson: Another Lying Republican

Denied he ever lobbied for loosening abortion restrictions, not counting on proof showing up.


Sturm Ruger said...

What proof? Minutes of a board meeting which quote what DeSarno said? That's not proof.

Follow the money! If DeSarno had produced some billing records showing that Thompson charged the group for work done, it would have carried some weight.

But neither DeSarno, nor any of the other Hillary Clinton donors on the board had any billing records to show to back up their charges.

There's no there there.

Gary said...

Do these people even listen to themselves?

Why would board minutes say years ago that Thompson was hired to lobby for Planned Parenthood? To set him up years in advance of his candidacy for President?

It is now up to Thompson to release his billing records if he hopes to disprove the minutes and the people stepping up to say they knew this..