Monday, July 02, 2007

Grade A Hypocrisy From Ron Paul

Ron sets himself some earmarks for his district before he makes a show of voting against bills with his earmarks that are sure to pass.

I spotted some more Libertarians with government or government subcontractor jobs at ApolloCon. That seems to be a case of "I don't want to pay for government jobs , except my own."

Lots of political news around on the left column links, McCain imploding is one. Record fundraiser for Obama. Terror alerts are causing UK residents to take precautions, and causing something approaching glee in our conservative figures here in this country.

For the other presidential Democrats besides the top 2, remember Kerry was fourth in the national polls until Iowa and New Hampshire wins shot him to 49%. Forgot the national polls and concentrate on the first weeks of the real primary campaign.

Is it too early or is Kucinich less organized this year?

Amnesty for Libby but not for those seeking work cheers conservatives. A little outing of covert agents preventing Iran from getting the bomb is A-OK, at least for long-time conservatives.

We have Texas Dem candidates against state senator Furniture Jackson and U.S. Senator Cowardly Cornyn. Need someone to go after Talton's seat.

Harpers: Undoing Bush: how to repair eight years of sabotage, bungling, and neglect

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