Friday, April 27, 2007

The GOP's cyber election hit squad

Did the RNC rig the 2004 Ohio vote count? The day before the election the site that reported the Ohio vote count was transfered away from Ohio to the RNC servers that also host Karl Rove's emails. The election reporting software is also the election counting software - the infamous Diebold GEM system normally but in this case also including web site design and other enhancements by a worshipful Bushie. Infamous because it was shown to have almost nonexistent security. Individuals could bypass the normal login and manually change votes with no audit trial and no way to detect that a change had occurred except for manual audits of the election day voting machine tapes which are never asked for. So why was the RNC counting the Ohio vote? Did they accurately count the votes? Why are the last reporting counties in Ohio the one with the most anomalous results? More here.

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Anonymous said...

You're first. Congrats!

I just got wind of this yesterday.

You ought to see the well done graphics at: Rove -ing emails: what else could go missing? by Todd Johnston

Then, you ought to post these links to the Houston Chronicle's Kuff'sWorld blog where Charles asks, "How would you steal an election?" The Chronicle, being a better newspaper than some others, might just want to take a look also at this.