Thursday, July 03, 2008

Joe Horn: I'm No Hero

In a series of media interviews Joe Horn backs away from being the hero that gun lovers have made him.

He says he now regrets his decision to confront two people stealing from his neighbor's house with his shotgun, ignoring the pleas to stay inside from the 911 operator. 'I would never advocate anyone doing what I did.'

Joe Horn has been held up as a hero despite, or maybe because of, shooting the two illegal immigrants with prior records in the back to protect his neighbor's property.

In the interviews, Joe Horn's position is now identical to that of Houston Chronicle columnist Lisa Falkenberg, who has been vilified in comments and by conservative Houston. Lisa and Joe now agree that it was a mistake to go out and kill two men over his neighbor's property. It was a mistake to not listen to the 9/11 operator.

Joe Horn says he doesn't recognize the man who spoke on the 911 tapes. He also says that killing is not why he went down to confront them.
Horn told the Chronicle he went downstairs to get a description of the men for police. But on the 911 transcript in response to the dispatcher's warning that he could get shot if he went outside, Horn said, "You wanna make a bet? I'm gonna kill 'em."
My brother and I were discussing today that there is perhaps a majority of American people who want swift and merciless protection, hang civil liberties and too bad about the innocents who may be killed in the process. That is what Joe Horn was a hero for - swift "justice."

The fact that he now sees that was a mistake, that the deaths of two men is something he will have to live with, won't change the mobs opinion. Those feelings for swift retribution are what created lynch mobs - which is another part of our Texas heritage along with our guns.

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