Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pasadena Politics

Seeing Purple Politics has been doing a good job with coverage of Pasadena politics.

Recently he has the candidate responses to questions at Republican Women's Club Forum.

Pat Van Houte - District D. The other candidates did not show up and one has tried to drop out but it was too late to get his name off the ballot.

District C where all the candidates showed up but I believe Harrison is now favored for reelection.

District B and District A. Jackie Welch and Ralph Riggs are also favored for reelection.

I had posted a reproduction of Pat Van Houte's campaign literature online earlier.

I am glad someone else is taking up the blogging and news slack. I have barely posted this year and am getting even more busy. I do a lot of quick links on Facebook or a lot of Digging instead if you want to look for what I think is interesting or outrageous.

Go vote - democracy depends on you.


rjnagle said...

doesn't it seem you can get more readers/commenters on FB than a blog? Blogs are a way to speak to the already converted.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. Districts E and G have already been posted. I will post District H some time tomorrow.

I agree mainly with your commentary, I just want to add that I've talked to Ralph Riggs recently and he said one of his opponents is really campaigning negatively and has convinced many of his constituents. His race may be tougher than originally expected. There may be a runoff.

The key to District A has always been turnout with so few people voting. Overall, he is probably still favored to win his seat.