Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time moves on

I realize I am posting very seldom here now.

Well, I have more of a life including a girlfriend and things eat up time.

I haven't mentioned here the results of the Pasadena and La Porte elections.

Pat Van Houte is in a runoff after she missed getting a majority by 4 votes.

I made some signs for her campaign - and screwed up. Texas now has very explicit laws on small print that has to go on signs now. Weren't very many signs so they could be corrected.

Mayor Isbell and Councilman Harrison won as I expected. In a surprise to me Ralph Riggs is in a runoff.

More locally, my La Porte councilman won a very close election which had over 20 times the turnout of the previous uncontested race.

I don't know what happened up around Nacogdoches which I have been frequently traveling to.

After the election my favorite new Pasadena political blog, Politics in Purple, just pulled up stakes and deleted the archives even from the Internet Wayback machine. Google cache might have some pages for a little while.

I seem to be posting links more often at Facebook, but even that is tempered by my knowing many of my Facebook friends aren't there for politics even if others are. I am also somewhat active on on voting for stories neglected in the mainstream.

I am not formally ending this but this blog will probably slowly wind down until after a year you might notice it is dead. Unless something unexpected happens - which always happens in life. Don't know if I will ever finish and posts some long entries that are mostly done.

One of the things that motivated this blog was the willing acceptance of the past administration's lies by the media and most of the people I knew. The media is only slightly improved but nearly everyone now recognizes the lies even if they are unclear about what to do about them. Washington is the center of the cluelessness.
There is no longer the urgent sense that the story must be told and a record must be kept on my part.

Check back occasionally to see if this blog has died. It could hang on for quite a while has the writing mood or my sense of outrage overtakes me again. To think I started this because my old Outlook Express couldn't take all the notes and links I was putting into it.
"Why I am doing this.

I wanted to start logging things that I'm doing or that catch my interest to someplace on the net instead of just using my email application for it. I also think that my collection of files on Outlook Express is getting too large and that might be responsible for the weird things somethimes (spelling errors from the beginning) happening.

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