Sunday, August 09, 2009

Adventures on Facebook

I moved most of what used to be blog posts to Facebook with its shorter postings and closer connections to friends. Sometime you can get the equivalent of the crazy commentators there that you do get on blogs.

I had followed some Facebook link over to Sarah Palin's Facebook page and had to make some comment about her crazy statement on Obama "death panels." I noticed a couple of my Democratic friends had become "fans" of her page to have a ready source of amusement.

I had someone who saw my comment on Sarah's site start mailing me within Facebook about how Sarah Palin was right and his bad experiences with government run health care which Obama was going to impose on the whole country!

I will quote the last two exchanges:

I was under Air Force military care for 18 years and they are still my Dad's provider who considers them much, much better than private insurance.

Now, you are going way off-base with speculations and inaccurate information. Legal Insurrection has made a crazy leap from Obama and everyone else thinking (about) a national expert panel looking into ways to cut costs to instead every individual having to deal with a "death panel." As one of the comments says "There is not one scintilla of evidence that anyone on the Hill has been contemplating either a "death panel" or the denial of service to the handicapped."

Your own experience with denial of treatment is now the norm in the great world of private medical insurance where there are panels and individuals whose only function is to save the insurance provider money.

Lastly, the Democrats are not working on a universal government coverage health care bill. That is explicitly ruled out. If they were we could be having this debate about it. Instead it is a complicated series of reforms which may include the option of letting people choose a state program that would be like Medicare.

Really, there is a lot to debate in the five proposals and dozens of amendments that will be offered. Why you and the great uninformed are having a debate about universal government health care which isn't on the table instead of what is: everyone being forced to buy for-profit private insurance, just indicates how well the insurance companies that want this form of "reform" have created groups and media consultants to astro-turf the debate.

Jason Benefield, Liberty college graduate and Army officer in Washington DC:
You are full of beans and ignorant - if I am part of the great uninformed, you are just plain lying. End of discussion - I don't argue with donkeys.


sweets said...

Its a new controversy of Sarah...

Gary said...

The above comment seems to be an advertisement for Indian food.