Wednesday, April 08, 2015

A Reply to Brad Torgersen -Sad Puppies cut down on diversity. ‪#‎HugoAwards‬

Congratulations on your lovely wife and family. I am sure she must be a saint if she has put up with you for this long. ;-)

You avoid mentioning your follower who was more successful than you and seems to have enabled both yours and his success. I am referring to Vox Day and the Rabid Puppy slate you avoid mentioning.

While I disagree with your politics and analysis of the world and your seemingly quick replacement of reason and discourse with snark it is still in the rational spectrum. The writer known as Vox Day and his followers are irrational haters and were better organized and better financed and had a plan that worked. And he is a bigoted religious right wing nut job openly very hostile to gays who was kicked out of the Science Fiction Writers Association for bigoted smearing messages about another writer on their letterhead. He now desires vengeance against the SF community. He is wealthy enough from his radical right Christian family’s involvement in media and politics to buy a Finnish publishing company to have a vehicle to make himself an editor and compatible writers eligible for awards and SFWA membership. He also has his religious politically conservative End Times followers willing to follow his commands on voting. He has enough money to gift them with supporting memberships. And he had a plan.

Your Sad Puppy slate was well designed. Although mainly appealing to one type of reader, SFF contains multitudes, you consolidated 30+ follower recommendations to 2-4 to concentrate your followers votes. This tactic was very likely to be more successful than last year. You took care to have a diverse slate where not everything was crap and had some good nominations. But Vox Dey (homonym for Voice Of God) expanded each of your nominations in an effort not to ensure that conservative voices were heard but to lock out every other voice in each category. In categories with not many nominations his Rabid Slate votes when combined with your Sad Slate succeeded. How rabid and sad.

You have been played by a more extremist, more experienced player with more resources. Your Sad Puppy slate to bring more diversity to the Hugo Awards instead locked out nominees and brought less because of his actions. Not to mention some of the nominees are just political correctness on the other side. Your side. Six nominations for a minor writer just because he published rants against liberals and gays popular in online conservative circles? Talk about agendas. You have become worse than those you railed against.

Lovely family, sorry about stupid journalists.

This is a corrected comment originally placed on his blog from a small iPhone terrible with long comments on blogs.

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Gary said...

Reading science fiction makes me a Happy Puppy. Evidently it didn't for Brad. Here is his post this is a reply to.