Sunday, December 25, 2005

Thinking about an Anti-New York Times resolution

Vote on New York Times Boycott

I know it is now past midnight and so Christmas Day and I should be resting for the busy day but all of this Fascist stuff has just come to a head. And of course it comes when I am trying to be on Christmas break.

And it is not just this administration, although the audacity of Bush and his defenders is stunning. It is some of the reactions of the main stream media, the so-called liberal media.

How to take and what to do about the fact the New York Times knew about this, and knew about this before the last election, and they held the story.

This staggers belief. They had the Super-Echelon story a year ago and decided that direct and extensive and repeated violations of the Constitution was not a story worth running.

OK, I know there are National Security implications, but aren't there always going to be national security implications now that Bush has promoted a policy of endless war on terror? Did they ask how serious the implications were, how grave the violations of the law were? No, they completely covered it up right before people were to decide if this man, this administration, were capable and honest enough "to preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States of America."

Finding out after the election that they refused to run a story on Bush cheating at the debates by wearing a wire is mild by comparison. Although the combination of these two show where their sympathies lie despite their editorial pages.

I think this is outrageous and something must be done.

What I am doing....

I don't pay for the New York Times or their online access. The only benefit I give my readers, and it is only around 1,000 page views a week, are links to the significant New York Times stories of the day. (They are the RSS permanent links which is an advantage compared to many sources.)

I can stop linking to this paper which doesn't recognize a constitutional crisis when it bites them in the ass and seems determined to support this regime no matter what.

My limited action - a boycott.

There will be no links from me to the New York Times. If it is an important story I will link to someone else's discussion of the story or someone's re-posting. I will not go to the New York Times pages and will discourage others from doing so.

I will start my boycott immediately and on New Year's Day will decide if and when the New York Times will get more traffic from me.

Go here for more discussion and vote - is the New York Times a danger to the Constitution?

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