Monday, November 12, 2007

I've been busy

Here's what I spotted as going on.

Remember Heroes on Veteran's Day.

As they gear up for a fierce battle to attempt to take Representative Nick Lampson's seat, the Fort Bend GOP disintegrates. They are still scrambling to put something together. I am glad that the independent online local news site Fort Bend Now has hung around to report on this. Susan has more.

My urban brother is upset about a trend of no appeals on parking tickets. I thought there was something in the Constitution about due process.

If you get tired of reading about backwards Republicans catch this graph of human progress and the future.

Hillary has turned to Bush's money man with the shady connections who helped set up Harken Energy.

Buried news - Bush lets in more immigrants, migrant workers for farmers.

Hedge fund manager who makes enormous profits from recessions: "worried about a recession, not a normal one, but a very bad one, the worst since the 1930s"

Time: Cox: Obama finally turns up the heat.

E*Trade caught in bad loans debacle. Technically, I have an account there and was also noticing their savings account ads this past week.

Medicare costs to rise, doctor's payments drop, AARP finally getting involved, why aren't the Democrats?

Popular Democrats and their popular government plans still shy away from liberal label. Unpopular conservative Republicans still wallowing in usage of conservative.

BBC: Debunking the top 10 climate change denier myths.

Hillary uses Bush press strategy, show them contempt and never give an inch.

Pasadena Mayoral Candidate Forum, Slocum Auditorium, SJC-Central Campus, 7:00 PM, Tuesday evening.

Robert Perry: Twelve months after being swept into Congress, the Democrats have caved in again and again to a weak and unpopular president.

America's failing health care system. Only 30 percent of Americans have access to same-day care. In Germany, 55 percent do. In New Zealand, 53 percent do. Americans find it twice as difficult to get care at night and on weekends without going to emergency rooms compared with the Dutch.

A Book from Amazon: A Year Without Made in China.

The New York Review of Books gets Krugman, why partisanship is now necessary.

Even liberal San Francisco is not immune to racist anti-Arab yahoos.

Diane Trautman is running again for the Texas state house from the Atascocita/Channelview area. She got the most votes of any Democrat running in her area but still could not get 41%. Like Sherrie Matula in 129 she needs to figure out how to get 3500 more voters flipping to Democrats in that district.

Trillions of losses soon to hit Americans, $400 billion from sub-prime, trillions from falling net worth.

Naomi Klein - The Nation: Shock Resistance in Latin America. The U.S. is about to lose the base that was planned for the introduction of US troops into Columbia before 9/11. The Iraq war stopped that war. The Bush-Cheney disaster has changed the world climate against the U.S. and losing influence and bases now follows.

I urge the GOP to listen to Bill Kristol. Instead of a 24% presidency how about a 24% party. Lieberman, that's the ticket.

Our newest Democratic major blogger calls BS on Mr. Meet The Press.

Our aid to Pakistan? Over 10 billions of dollars since 9/11, most in untraceable cash, directly to the dictator. Can somebody say Shah?

Why the Christian Right Distorts History and Why it Matters
A running refrain in the revisionist narrative is that somehow the original intention of God and the Founding Fathers has been thwarted by some combination of liberals, judicial tyrants, the ACLU, secular humanists, and more. This notion, which seems silly to some, is tremendously powerful in the context of the conservative Christian subculture. It asserts that "the Christians," (however one may define Christians), are the intended rulers of the nation, because that's what God, the Founding Fathers, and by implication, the Constitution, sought to accomplish.

It is a powerful piece of political and religious mythology that feeds into another powerful myth - that Christians are persecuted in the United States by the very forces that have thwarted God's plan for America. The effect is to make people feel that something has been unjustly, unrighteously taken from them - and that that something must be "restored" or "reclaimed." The Christian Right's Jamestown event captured this sentiment.

But for all of the Christian revisionism that has gone into crafting this narrative, and as popular a notion as it is, there is a problem: the facts of history do not support the myth of Christian nationalism. That is why history has to be revised in the first place. This is one of many aspects of the Christian Right that has been largely ignored and has gone largely unanswered by the rest of society during its march to power.

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