Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Texas Election Results

Statewide amendments - all pass. Turnout less than 8.5%. Lowest level of support at 58% was for the mixed construction and repair project bonds for various purposes. Highest support at 86% was to totally exempt disabled veterans from ad valorem homestead taxation and increase partial disability exemption. Since the legislature did not pass the enabling laws we'll see if potential dangers of unlimited 100% tax exemptions are avoided.

Harris County Proposition 3 was defeated ($200 million for new jail space), the others narrowly passed. The new medical forensics had the most approval at 58%, proving people were paying attention to the problems at the medical lab.

I worked the election all day - 14 hours. Stayed awake after less than three hours sleep - barely. Forty citizens voted early, 60 on election day. One person accidentally pushed cast ballot instead of enter on first item. Sorry, no fix for that yet, she voted. Unfortunately, this happened at one of the very few times the judges were busy, talking to the roving tech, and didn't spot her needing help. This turnout of 100 is in a precinct that has 3200+ voters on the registration roll. You do the math.

I mentioned before closing we could go to an election night party. One person we added as a clerk that day after she voted (vote and get a temp minimum wage job!) said cool. I looked online and the closest party appeared to be Manisha Mehta's at Mamacita's in Clear Lake. I knew little about the candidate but thought some Bay Area New Democrats I knew might be there. When we got there we two were the only non-Indians and I knew no one. Not wanting to crash a party and partake of food for an election where I knew no one and couldn't have voted we left immediately. While driving back I invited two more people (one couldn't make it) to make our own party. We enjoyed Texas Road House (menu pdf). Killer Rib appetizers, shrimp skewers, baked sweet potato with honey butter and a fried onion bloom. Best shrimp I have had in the last two years, why do most places overcook? Everything including the non-alcoholic drinks was good and service was exceptional.

They were showing sports on TV. We ended up providing are own election commentary: The election conclusion we reached among us was that Don Harrison is an ass in Pasadena Council meetings now especially since he is running for mayor, but that is nothing new; and that Mehta would need to reach outside the Indian community to win. I suggested that people who don't vote be drafted but that was voted down. They are probably being punished enough by the people who do vote.

Other Harris County election night results.

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