Monday, December 24, 2007

District 22 Race

John Manlove finally officially announces he is running for Congressional District 22 on December 18. Funny, he resigned months ago because he was running for that seat. Maybe he didn't want to alarm the other many candidates with the size of his war chest.

Shelly Sekula Gibbs, no slouch at fundraising herself, started her radio campaign. It is pure Shelly. "Modern science is proving everyday that we Christians were right about everything."

The big issue on the Republican side, "my roots are longer and deeper than yours". No they're not talking about their hair. Pretty soon it will break out into the Sugar people vs. the Stinkerdenas. All eight candidates, the other one who lived with his parents and had a purple people eater Corvette just dropped out, have moved so far to the right and the "God told me to run" side of the field they are searching for something to distinguish themselves. Maybe someone should announce their support for Ron Paul. He has been pretty popular down there and is raising a ton of money.

Nick Lampson is campaigning on being against crime, for children, supporting veterans and lowering taxes. His political ads House updates every month seem to have covered only those issues. I hear he plans to introduce resolutions in support of motherhood, God and Apple Pie next year. That might make the district forget that he is a Democrat. Some of us Democrats wonder if he has forgotten he is a Democrat. Democrats will come back though, all eight of his opponents are so much worse.

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