Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Apparat - Bush's Back Door Political Machine

The NCRP has identified at least 350 tax-exempt, ostensibly non-partisan organizations within the right-wing's activist front, many operating at regional, state, and local levels. They have penetrated the three branches of the federal government, and dominate the political debate. They guide and oversee the agenda that directs White House action (or inaction). Two of these organizations housed the planners who invented the Iraq war.

Rob Stein, an independent Washington researcher, follows the money flow to the radical activist establishment. He estimates that since the early 1970s at least $2.5 to $3 billion in funding has been awarded to the 43 major activist organizations he tracks that constitute the core of the radical machine.

He terms the big 43 the "cohort" -- an "incubator of right-wing, ideological policies that constitute the administration's agenda, and, to the extent that it has one, runs its policy machinery."
This was published a couple years ago but nothing has changed. Well, almost nothing. The strains in the GOP are very evident right now and some of the old network is denouncing the new guys or at least the corrupt leadership in power. One of the founders of the modern GOP has called present White House and Congressional leadership corrupt and inmoral and said "a defeat would do it good." Might say there are a few cracks in the foundations.

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