Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Least Worst Bad Option - Withdrawal

Citizens of the UK and Australia and America argue about what to do as America withdraws and Road to Surfdom explains why withdrawal is the least worst bad option. In Washington at the WP, conservative Hoagland explains that it has finally sunk in to American military planners and neocon strategists that occupation is the real war and Iraq has shown they don't know how to fight it.

National security and military analyst William Arkin also writes that both Republicans and Democrats in Washington have conceded defeat in Bush's Iraq war and look for the least bad options out: Taking Advantage of Our Defeat in Iraq.
We are not just fighting and dying in Iraq. Everyday that we are there, we are inspiring our enemies. Those enemies are not just in Iraq, they are in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in Lebanon and the Gaza, in "friendly" countries throughout the Muslim world, and even in our backyards.

The enemy sees Americans getting killed and injured; they see Americans seemingly unable to stand-up to or defeat Islamic warriors. The seeming weakness, created as much by our tactical errors and our abundant presence in their lands, attracts a swarm of attackers. Their "success" attracts more.
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