Friday, October 13, 2006

Wow, those Christian conservatives really might be mad

From a leading online news source for the Christian conservatives:

Laura Bush Attends Sodomite Swearing-In Ceremony.

Exclusive: How the Bush Administration Plays Christians for Fools.

Republican Denials Are Looking Desperate.

In between advocating killing all the gays as God commands, their editorials are calling out the neocon plan to rule the world as the "ultimate blasphemy."

Wow, I'm getting confused - they now hate Bush and the neocons but also want to kill the gays. I have heard recently that many Christian conservatives had turned against Bush for agreeing with Sharon and Olmert about pulling out of the Gaza strip. Why? Because that would stop the Rapture. Now gays in the Republican Party, imagine that, have pushed them openly over the edge.

The Christian conservatives and Fox News and other prominent GOP sources, are also all over Soros, making pretty blatent attempts to portray him as a Jewish communist international banker conspiring to subvert America.

I am hopeful for this election as it appears the hard Christian Right will stay home or turn against the GOP but....

Kill the gays, liberal appeasers, international Jewish banker conspiracies, preserving family values, pre-emptive wars, patriot acts, detentions without trials, extreme reactions against a terrorist attack on symbols of power, rants against internal traitors.... haven't we seen this play before?

Will they just purge their party of people like Bush as, unbelievably, being too moderate?

Mad in both senses.

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