Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Working on Texas State House Campaign

Just got done preparing a list of 16,384 phone numbers for robo-calls. I am not that fond of robo-calls but it is only a 30-second pitch and we would actually like it to be captured on an answering machine and not in person. The criteria was very high likelihood of voting and not obviously Republican for Janette Sexton's stealth campaign against Robert Talton. She did decide to splurge for 100 yard signs for early voting locations. Might consider pre-movie advertisements at two theaters, They are pretty cheap. There is also a Latino theater if money can be found. We can dream of Christian radio spots running against Talton as a lawyer who has failed to represent voters in Austin and supports toll roads or cable TV elderly women spots with Janette's picture and running on education and the environment. I would prefer that Talton continue to ignore her as she conducts a quiet campaign.

How come someone hasn't done a PR notice about all the first time Houston area Democratic females running to clean up Texas politics? Get all the candidates to sign-off and make a pitch to all the local papers. All you need is a group picture, some written verbiage and a few phone calls. Makes a perfect story for local papers.

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