Friday, October 27, 2006


NBC refuses to run Dixie Chicks Movie ad - includes link to ad.

IRS not going after Katrina victims, until after the election

The new centrist Democrat blueprint from the DLC

Conservative GOP leader mass blasts an email urging a Democratic House

Fortune Magazine: Revolt of the lower upper-class against the truly wealthy

How Abramoff's cronies sold the Medicare drug bill with corporate giveaways and phony charities

Another Texas DINO needs suspension. Parties require office holders not to work for the other side.

Ann Coulter, does she get stoned before FOX TV appearances now?

Reving up for War on Christmas revisited.

Reason: I Just Blogged To Say I Hate You - the failure of conservative bloggers.

Talton - Hates Gays, Loves Trial Lawyers.

Texas Rep. Hall getting bad press for attacking sex slave minor.

Income trumps religion in predicting voting - with graph.

White House denies Cheney was supporting water boarding in interview where he supported water boarding.

G.O.P. Moves Fast to Reignite Issue of Gay Marriage

Memory expert in Libby's CIA leak trial forgets that she met prosecutor before

Molly Ivins: Conservative's Campaign of Sleaze

"It's one thing to believe in an imaginary liberal bias. It's another to deceive yourself into thinking that everyone else agrees with you."


Housing Bubble Burst

The Cowards in Congress - Crossing the Rubicon

Video about the evils of file sharing

How to leave the country - practical advice

Tillman's brother calls Iraq war illegal

Oct 23 1983

An Islamic Jihad suicide bomber drives a truck loaded with 2.5 tons of TNT into the US Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. The explosion kills 241 American servicemen. Simultaneously, a smaller truck bomb strikes another base in Beirut, killing 58 French soldiers. Even though the NSA has proof that the Iranians are behind the attacks, President Ronald Reagan begins delivering them weapons for hostages only 39 days later.
WE OWE WHAT?!?!? Our cost of the Iraq War

Fly the dangerous skies, Jet Blue experimenting with passengers.

High Debt holds thousands of troops back from overseas duty - Predatory lenders cluster around military bases.

The strange repressed movie reviews at American Family

The average American at 300 million. Jim had a lot of comments disliking the tone of the article and some comparisons used. His gist is that rising corporate profits are bypassing the typical worker and going to the very top management and owners. "As the pie grows bigger the superrich grab a larger proportional piece hoping that because of the small gains the medians receive their greed will go unnoticed." (This concentration of conpensation has an interesting side effect of keeping inflation lower.)

Jim recommends The Ghost Map, a historical book.

A Progressive Governing Philosophy: Securing The Common Good

The New American Ghost Towns. Las Vegas and other cities have sections starting to resemble Houston during our great housing crash.

Bush energy plan whacked conservation efforts

Evangelical Christians are "disgusted" by Condi Rice

Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse Clearly Tied to Global Warming

China tries to gag climbers who saw Tibet killings

AMY Adds

Who's making a killing in Iraq? Demand Congressional inquiries.

Amy recommended Stirring The Pot - getting more women involved in politics.

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