Friday, October 13, 2006

'The Coming Gay Republican Purge'

The social conservatives are demanding that the gays who have been working for the GOP be purged. They have the clout to get it done. You could say those Log Cabin Republicans are being smoked out and will go down in flames. Link to The Nation which has the quotes from organizers in the GOP culture civil war for control taking place now.

Do you think The Nation is exaggerating this? Then read the latest bigoted hate speech against Gays in the GOP and how they are a secret cabal of hidden Democrats because they are like so gay. That is from Accuracy in Media, an influential GOP group that is the more biased, less fact-checked Media Matters of the Right. This is yet more evidence that the John Birch Society took over the GOP in the 90's without the media noticing. You cannot find any difference between current core GOP leadership beliefs and the beliefs of the Birchers. Before the 90's everyone knew the John Birch Society were far right nuts, now they are conventional Republican wisdom.

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