Wednesday, October 11, 2006

AP's John Solomon seems to be stretching another story about Senator Reid

Back at the end of May, Solomon filed an extremely misleading story about Reid getting seats at boxing matches. John Solomon had a pattern of selective and misleading omissions and facts in the story to make it seem criminal. There were many factual errors in the story that the AP never corrected. How did AP respond when informed of the lies, mistakes and omissions of the Solomon story? They praised it and gave the story an internal award.

Solomon has now filed another long story on a real estate deal where Reid made a million dollars in the hot Las Vegas market. Reid reported this profit but Solomon thinks he didn't report it correctly and slants the story to make it seem criminal again.

I am not the biggest fan of Harry Reid and I don't think that the soon to be Senate Democratic Majority Leader ought to be from a politically closely divided state but this inflamatory rhetoric and slip-shod reporting is the bigger issue.

ADDED: Immediately after my posting I see TPM also just posted the story and that the AP headline itself is misleading - Reid made a $700,000 profit and it is Solomon's third misleading story on Reid. I would have beat their posting time but I stopped to fire off a snarky letter to AP and then watched TV before hitting Blog-This.

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