Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Iraqi Death Toll Exceeds 600,000

This study will shortly be denounced by the Wall Street Journal editorial board and the right wing blogs and media machine despite its excellent methodology and the credentials of those conducting the study. That happened to an earlier Lancet study which dropped from the sight of American media after it found around 100,000 Iraqi deaths and was quickly denounced.


likwidshoe said...

It will be denounced for including such things as heart disease deaths and plucking numbers out of thin air. Contrary to your claims, the "excellent methodology" is nonexistent just like the last time.

But you can ignore all of that and continue your pissy dismissal handwaving while employing the appeal to authority trick. After all - that is so much easier than actually giving an argument.

(Somehow,..I doubt that you'll even approve this comment. I'd be surprised if you did.)

Gary said...

The previous study estimated 100,000 more deaths above a similar 14 month time period under Saddam. Critics jumped on the 95% confidence intervel which showed 8,000 and 194,000 and the fact that it lumped together all deaths. Frankly, Iraqis and most people couldn't care what kind of deaths and by who.

If there was a study that showed that 7 million more people died after we were invaded by China would you waste time argueing if it was by poor health conditions and rather it included those supporting as well as those opposing the Chinese? Would you argue it was meaning less because it was possible only 3 million or as many as 10 million extra people died?