Thursday, October 26, 2006

Epistemic Ingemination

A Kinky strong supporter turns against him and reports other Kinky supporters leaving in droves. Kinky's announcement of his votes for Kay Baily Hutchinson and Lamar Smith amounts to "an endorsement of the one-party system." He writes:
Listen folks, I was a true believer. I've played benefits for Kinky. I knew about the campaign months before it was publicly announced. I (among others) suggested him for the keynote addresses at more than one music festival. I've blogged about him. I talked him up. I made phone calls on his behalf. I "saved myself" for the campaign and signed the petition.

He had two years to get his act together and study the issues and formulate policy. He didn't. And he does not deserve my vote.

'How hard can it be?' indeed. Apparently too hard for the Kinkster.

If the Kinky campaign wants to make a difference and be more than a laughingstock, it can pull out of the race now and endorse Chris Bell -- and the then-former candidate can spend the last two weeks of the season campaigning his ass off for Chris Bell.

Because that is where your support is going now, as it evaporates from your campaign. I know; I'm actively helping that to happen; I am watching the polls and listening to people, and I am seeing an enormous number of your once-supporters doing the same thing -- including your core constituency: virtually every musician that I know.

I'd say "better luck next time", but "next time" ain't gonna happen.

You let us down.

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James said...

Let's hope enough of these people wake up!